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Patricia Hayward (1953-2020)

MOW was saddened to learn of the passing of Patricia Hayward on 1 January 2020.

Patricia was a committed supporter of MOW, as a member of MOW Sydney from 1984 until the present, convenor of MOW Sydney from 1992 to 1995, and then National President from 1995 to 1997.

Patricia spent her early years in the bush, some 43 km outside Moree. She was School Captain in her final year at Moree High School and an exchange student in Denison, Iowa (1971-72).

Patricia completed a BA in History, English and Politics and a Dip. Ed. at UNE. Subsequently, she was awarded an MA in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary (1982). From 1981-1987 she was employed as a schools’ co-ordinator by the Scripture Union NSW. After moving from Newcastle to Sydney, she taught at St Scholastica’s College (1988-1990) and The MLC School Burwood (1991-2012).

Patricia was the author of four textbooks (including The Nature and Origins of Religion and Christianity in Australia), a syllabus writer, HSC marker, and State President of the NSW Association for Studies of Religion (1999-2003). She was also a passionate advocate on social justice issues, including the treatment of asylum seekers.

Patricia’s leadership of MOW coincided with the first half of Harry Goodhew’s episcopate. As Stuart Piggin noted, in his chapter in Preachers, Prophets and Heretics (ed. Elaine Lindsay & Janet Scarfe), Patricia “had a good deal of credibility with evangelicals”. She had been raised a Baptist by parents who were always supportive of women. At UNE, the Anglican Chaplain, Kevin Giles, confirmed her belief in female leadership, and this was further reinforced by study at the evangelical Fuller Seminary in Los Angeles. As Piggin writes, Patricia “knew her audience and tried to keep MOW Sydney’s pronouncements within biblical norms”. Her time as NSW convenor coincided with Sydney Synod’s 1993-1995 moratorium on discussion of women’s ordination, a moratorium which was supported by Sydney’s women deacons who thought it would take the heat out of the issue and allow them to prove their competence in ministry. It should be noted, for the record, that the motion for the moratorium was not supported by MOW or by Patricia herself.

Patricia, as well as being a fervent advocate for women’s ordination, was also a keen photographer and avid documenter of MOW events. Her photos remind those of us who knew Patricia of her kindness, her hospitality, her generosity, and her boundless energy, even despite long periods of illness. In this she was always supported by her loving husband, Roger Paton, and her two sons, Marcus and Chris, of whom she was inordinately proud.

Patricia will be much missed.

Elaine Lindsay

From the President:




Thank you to the Rev’d Pirrial Clift for handing over the business with grace and helpfulness. Pirrial had set up a lively on-line communication system. The Rev’d Lu Piper’s presentation on the ‘State of the Nation’ at the Adelaide AGM generated great interest. There were only a few Adelaide clergy women present at the 2018 AGM in 2018, but the keen interest of a few is worthwhile and we gained 3 more memberships for South Australia – a cause for rejoicing.


Some on-line discussion ensued with the board but did not continue with any vigour. Nevertheless, email is a wonderful means of communication for a sparse board spread over a vast area and hopefully we will all be responsive in the future.

However, there was a decision to prepare the reports, sermon, speaker’s address and an account of the meeting in booklet form titled Out of Adelaide. Also included is the speech by Lavinia Gent, whose mother, Alison Gent, was an agent of change for the church in Adelaide and nationally, who launched my book, Woman, the Church’s Buried Talent. The Protest for the Ordination of Women in Adelaide’s Anglican Church; A History told through the Legacy of Alison Gent ‘Agent of Change ’at the end of the 2018 AGM. *

I edited the reports and other documents, Elaine cast a critical eye and Kathleen engaged formatting help. Out of Adelaide may be downloaded from the MOW Australia website or is available in printed format from Kathleen Toal at - E:; P: 03 9432 9774; M: 0439 032 977


The content of the Rev’d Lu Piper’s presentation on the ‘State of the Nation’, namely the spread of the influence of the diocese of Sydney throughout the nation, brought into perspective the need for MOW. No longer could dioceses which have been ordaining women consider their position secure.

There is a need to alert ALL Anglicans to the implications of, for example, ‘complementarianism’. Seminar days and small study guides are useful education tools. Competent commentary on television presentations which come out of Sydney could refute the notion that such presentations speak for the whole Anglican Church in Australia. Authoritative commentary could be available for parish pew sheets the following Sunday. Similarly book reviews, news from the wider Anglican Church, print and film media present a forum of topics pertinent to Christian thought.

Our fundamental modus operandi is the position of women in the church; it eschews fundamentalist and selective reading of the Bible which forms the basis for prejudice and discrimination. We can add to that a concentration on sexual behaviour over against the gospel imperatives against wealth and false piety.

MOW’S objects and powers urge us to challenge and transform the church: to encourage, extend, express, liaise, foster, support women and men both clerical and lay. When I read these now they seem to be the objects of an organisation with strength and right on its side and the resources to accomplish them. I believe we are not such an organisation at the present. We do not have the open support of many of the women in higher position as we once had. BUT we can be an influence. This is why we are called.

The aforementioned publications are vital in responding to this challenge. Even while we have met the challenges of our own lives over the past year there have been developments such as the spread of the influence of the diocese of Sydney to the diocese of The Murray. This is a small diocese in South Australia which covers a large number of country parishes and some southern Adelaide suburbs and has a strong Anglo-Catholic heritage. A strong opposition to the ordination of women is seen as one of the factors in the diocese electing a clergyman from the Sydney diocese as its new bishop


It MAY be that the State of the Nation is that it is really just one big Sydney!!!

I am very pleased to be meeting for our AGM on the same day, at the same venue as Sydney MOW. We NEED to stick together, because our cause IS essentially the same. I attended the launch of Kevin Giles’ new book What the Bible Actually Teaches on Women at St James’ King Street earlier this year. We were encouraged to give copies to those who may be convinced by his argument. This is a review: It is, to date, the most comprehensive account of the issues involved in this debate: the women's "revolution" of the late 1960s; the opposing points of view among evangelicals on the disputed texts; related appeals to the Bible in support of slavery and apartheid; the house-church setting for the Sunday gathering in the first century; the consequences in the third world of subordinating and devaluing women; and the abuse of women and girls in all its guises. The ordination of women only gets a passing mention. The constant focus is whether or not the Bible subordinates women to men as the God-given ideal. To understand the evangelical debate over women, a debate that is bitter and sharply divisive, it needs to be understood that those who call themselves "complementarians" argue that in creation before the fall God set the man over the woman. Thus, the leadership of the man and the subordination of the woman in the home, the church, and where possible in the world is the God-given ideal that is pleasing to God. It is this "theology" that Kevin Giles opposes.

I came across another review in Eternity, a free newspaper published by the Bible Society which I picked up in Adelaide‘s Pauline (Roman Catholic) Bookshop. (Number 103 June 2019 The front cover was one large coloured photo of Israel Falau. On p.17-8 is an opinion piece in which Penny Mulvey discusses Kevin’s life and work. Penny is Head of Communications and Public Affairs and delivers a very subtly woven piece which seems to me to conclude that Kevin owes everything to his Moore College training and that, by the way, ‘evangelical protestant husbands are 72 per cent less likely to be engaged in abusive behaviour’. I welcome comments and discussion.


The Google Group continues to be one of THE best aspects of belonging to MOW Australia (Thank you Susan Sandford). It has alerted me, among many other things, to the death of our Alison Cheek, born in Adelaide, one of the Philadelphia Eleven (read about her in my book) and also to the death of Queensland’s Mavis Rose, author of Freedom from Sanctified Sexism: Women Transforming the Church. (you can read about her also in my book!) We loved them both, they were so much part of our struggle to bring the church to theological and cultural equality (for some). There will be short service of prayers following the order of business for the AGM. Please bring/post on Facebook etc any comments, photos (also in my book!!!).


My vision for the future of MOW is of necessity contingent on the offerings, imagination, insights of others. We will be a new board but I pray never bored.


Let’s all encourage old members and others who care about the church renew/begin membership of MOW. It is one of the very few vehicles that are organising against the rise of GAFCon and Complementarianism. Surely the whole thing rests on men’s relationship with women. It is at the heart of all the matters.

Anything that biblicises and makes subordination of women part of the church’s regime is wrong; and this includes homophobia as it is predicated on the notion that women are the only place for a man, and that is domination also.

*Available from the author

Woman the Church’s Buried Talent: The Protest for the Ordination of Women in Adelaide’s Anglican Church: A History Told through the Legacy of Alison Gent ‘Agent of Change’. by Lesley McLean.

Unit 1, 53 Alexandra Avenue, Rose Park, SA 5067
E:; Ph: 08 8431 5612; M: 0429 188 604
Book AUD $25.00 plus Postage and packaging

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book please email Lesley McLean:; with your order details – quantity and mailing address and she will respond with delivery and payment details.

The president Lesley McLean is pleased to advise that copies of the publication: Out Of Adelaide, Women Talking Ministry is now available [download here]
These are the papers presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Movement for the Ordination of Women Australia held at St Saviour’s Anglican Church, 27 October 2018

We are now seeing the second and third generation of women priests in Australia, and enjoy the ministrations of a woman archbishop [The Right Reverend Kay Goldsworthy of Perth] and several women bishops across the country. There are many issues clamouring for the church’s attention and the issue of women’s ordination has been half forgotten. However there are a small band of women and men in the Movement for the Ordination of Women Australia [MOW] who have not forgotten the fact that four Anglican Dioceses in Australia still refuse to acknowledge women’s right to serve God as priests. These dioceses are Sydney, The Murray, Armidale and North West Australia. Many bishops and priests in those dioceses believe and teach that women should be subservient to men in both church and home.

MOW continues to work for a future where every woman in Australia who hears God calling her into holy orders will be free to test her vocation in full confidence that the Church will not harbour prejudice against her because of her gender. We believe that when there is a balanced representation of women and men in every aspect of the church’s life, she will find an unprecedented place of harmony, and God’s song of love will be heard more clearly and more effectively in our society than it is when sung as a male solo. On the 9/10/2004 the Sydney Morning Herald reported: In the 20th century it often seemed the church was uncertain whether women are fully human. In 1987 the Reverend Ian Herring, a Melbourne Anglican priest, argued that "it would be analogous to consecrating a meat pie on the altar of God to ordain a woman...” Sexist attitudes against women are currently being called out across the world: how sad it is to see God’s church still apparently uncertain of the full and equal humanity of women in the 21st century.

If you can offer your prayers or join in supporting us in some other way, please contact us, you will be very welcome.

This is the website of MOW Australia as well as its Sydney chapter - Sydney Movement for the Ordination of Women (Sydney MOW).

MOW Australia:

  • Encourages women to hear and respond to the call of God
  • Recognises, encourages and extends the ministries of women
  • Encourages the church to make full use of the ministries of women
  • Encourages expression of women's perspectives in theology
  • Celebrates diversity in spirituality
  • Promotes the use of inclusive language in worship and Church life
  • Seeks to move all dioceses in the Anglican Church of Australia to admit women to the ordained ministries of the Church
  • Seeks to bring laity and clergy into closer partnership
  • Liaises with appropriate national and international women's groups
  • Fosters ecumenical links and supports moves to ordain women in other churches
  • Supports those women already ordained
  • Gathers and shares information between members across all dioceses

MOW Australia publishes MOWatching periodically; holds occasional conferences with quality local and international speakers; publishes conference proceedings; produces merchandise when appropriate; hosts a website; has an email group; holds lectures, seminars, retreats and quiet days; has a local branch in Sydney (Sydney MOW); and MOW Australia organises activities in other states.

Read the objects of MOW Australia, as stated in our constitution at Clause 1.4.

Below you can find news relating to the movement (or visit the archive). If you have questions about us or want to get involved, please contact us. We can give you information and share our experiences with you. Above all, we welcome courteous and sincere dialogue with those who may disagree with us.


"Muriel Porter has done the Church a great service in offering a snapshot of where we stand today and what the horizon looks like. It is a only a short book and there is much that invites further conversation and no doubt argument. This is all to the good for we are in transitional times as a church and society and this demands a fresh dialogue and respectful listening to one another." Bishop Stephen Pickard.

Download Flyer (pdf)      Download Order Form (pdf)

On 29 August 2015, MOW Australia Ltd and the Committee for the Sydney Movement for the Ordination of Women (Sydney MOW) held our AGM’s at St Luke’s Anglican Church in Mosman, NSW.

Rev. Andrew Sempell

Our guest speaker was the Rev. Andrew Sempell, BA, BTh. Dip Min., Rector of St James, King Street.
As rector of one of Sydney’s leading high church parishes since 2010, Andrew has been willing to discuss some of the controversial issues in the Anglican church of our day.
Andrew’s address: “Fathers, Heretics and the Failure of Mission” can be downloaded by clicking on the link: Sempell-MOW-paper_15-08.pdf

MOW Australia Limited Annual General Meeting, 29 August 2015 – President’s Report by Rev. Jeannette McHugh

Rev. Jeannette McHugh, President of MOWh Australia Ltd

MOWatch-AGM-29-Aug-2015 Presidents-Report_Jeannette-McHugh.pdf

Sydney Movement for the Ordination of Women (MOW) AGM, 29 August 2015 – Convenor’s Report by Rev. Lu Piper

Rev. Lu Piper, Convenor of Sydney MOW

MOW-Sydney-Convenors-Report_Rev-Lu-Piper_29 Aug-2015.pdf

Vale Bishop Barbara Darling

MOW Australia join the Australian Bishops, Clergy and Laity in mourning the death of the Rt Rev’d Barbara Brinsley Darling on Sunday, 15th February 2015.

The funeral service took place at St Paul's Cathedral on Sunday 22 February 2015. She was among the first women to be made deacon in the Anglican Church of Australia on 9 February 1986, and was ordained to the priesthood in 1992. She became the first female bishop in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

The transcripts of the tributes made to Bishop Barbara Darling during the funeral service, including the sermon preached by Bishop Kay Goldsworthy, Bishop-elect of Gippsland and The Most Revd. Glenn Davies, Archbishop of Sydney are available on the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne website:

Vale Revd Beth Spence

We are deeply saddened to hear that the Reverend Beth Spence has died after a short illness. Please pray for Beth's family - her husband Michael and their 5 children. Also for her extended family in the United States.

Beth was a priest, ordained in the Diocese of Oxford, who was only able to function as a deacon in Sydney. She exercised her ministry in Sydney with grace and generosity and demonstrated her deep faith in all that she did.

She spoke about her journey of faith at a Sydney MOW AGM a couple of years ago and also co facilitated a wonderful workshop on prayer for us. Both occasions were greatly appreciated by those who attended.

May she rest in peace and rise in Glory.

Updated 22 December 2012

Pictures from our recent national conference now available online

Photo: 2011-12 President Susan Sandford presenting the theses that were pinned to the door of St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney, when the Australian Movement for the Ordination of Women first began

Thanks to Vicky Cullen, Jeannette McHugh and the 2011-12 MOW Australia executive for a wonderful MOW Australia conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of women priests in the Australian Anglican Church.

Visit this page to look at the pictures from the November conference celebrating 20 years of women priests in Australia. Thanks Elaine Lindsay for these great photos!

Updated 22 December 2012

Welcome new MOW Australia Committee for 2012-13

A new Committee was elected at the MOW Australia National Conference and AGM in Canberra. Thank you to retiring committee members, especially our retiring President Susan Sandford, Vice President Lesley McLean and Secretary Rachel Toal. Sue Henry-Edwards will continue in ex officio membership as Sydney MOW Convenor, while Judy Little continues as a general committee member and our long-serving treasurer Kathleen Toal continues in that role as well. The updated committee list is on our "contact us" page.

Updated 22 December 2012

Melbourne priest to become Queensland's first woman bishop

The Venerable Alison Taylor, Melbourne's Archdeacon for International Partnerships and Vicar of St John's Anglican Church Camberwell, has been appointed to lead the Southern Region of the Diocese of Brisbane as Queensland's first woman bishop. The news was announced on 2 December. She will fill the role when current Bishop, the Right Reverend Geoff Smith, takes on the role of General Manager of the Brisbane Diocese early next year. Read the media release from the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

Updated 22 December 2012

Transcript of public lecture by Rt Rev Genieve Blackwell, first female bishop consecrated in NSW

Photo: Sydney MOW Convenor Sue Henry-Edwards, committee member Mandy Tibbey and Rt Rev Genieve Blackwell after the lecture

Sydney MOW recently hosted a public lecture by Rt Rev Genieve Blackwell, with the theme "Behold, I Make All Things New!". It is an interesting insight into her journey from the Uniting Church, to Moore College, to becoming Australia's third female bishop in 2012; and a thoughtful reflection on Paul, women and leadership in the church. Download the transcript.

Updated 22 December 2012

Article by Julia Baird marking 20 years of women priests in the Australian Anglican church

Julia Baird argues in the Sydney Morning Herald today that "two thousand years ago, the Christian church was radical in a culture of patriarchy. Now, in Sydney, it is a reactionary in a culture of equality." Her piece documents a recent motion at Sydney Synod by Professor Bernard Stewart and Reverend Philip Bradford to note the 20th anniversary of women's ordination to the priesthood - a motion that was amended by Synod to erase any mention of ordination and simply give thanks for women's ministry.

Updated 1 December 2012

Preachers, Prophets and Heretics editors interviewed by Rachael Kohn for The Spirit of Things

Sunday 14 October: Dr Rachael Kohn will interview Janet Scarfe and Elaine Lindsay about their book Preachers, Prophets and Heretics: Anglican Women's Ministry for ABC radio national program The Spirit of Things. The program will be replayed on Tuesday 16 October and available to download as a podcast. More information on the Spirit of Things website.

Updated 12 October 2012

Upcoming events in Sydney: launch of Preachers, Prophets and Heretics, and public lecture with the first female bishop ordained in NSW

The Sydney launch of Preachers, Prophets and Heretics: Anglican Women's Ministry has been confirmed for 2-5pm Saturday 17 November. On the 7th of November you are also invited to a public lecture by Rt Rev Genieve Blackwell, first female bishop consecrated in NSW, with the theme "Behold, I Make All Things New!".

For details please see the Sydney MOW page.

Updated 12 October 2012

Early bird registration now closed for 2012 MOWatch Conference - register at standard rates before 31 October

The theme of this year's conference is "And your daughters shall prophesy... 20 years of women priests in Australia". It will be held on 20-23 November 2012 in Canberra with keynote speakers Dr Janet Scarfe, Dr Heather Thompson, Rev'd Dr Sarah Bachelard and The Rt Rev'd Kay Goldsworthy. Register before 31 October for 'standard' prices of $415 for members or $465 for non-members.

Download the registration form for more details, print and send by mail or register online through TryBooking here. More details are available on the special Conferences page.

Updated 1 October 2012

Sydney MOW Annual General Meeting with Rev Karen Kime

Sydney MOW members and supporters are invited to come together for our 2012 Annual General Meeting, with guest speaker Rev. Karen Kime, first female Aboriginal Archdeacon in Australia, on 29 September. Download the flyer as a pdf here. Contact Sue Henry-Edwards for more information on 9557 4280.

Updated 29 August 2012

Preachers, Prophets & Heretics: Anglican Women's Ministry in bookshops from 1 September

Update: this book, which marks the twentieth anniversary of the first Australian women priests in 1992, will be available in bookshops from 1 September. See below for more information and to order online.

Updated 19 August 2012

Preachers, Prophets & Heretics: Anglican Women's Ministry

Preachers, Prophets & Heretics: Anglican Women's Ministry, edited by Elaine Lindsay and Janet Scarfe (UNSW Press, 2012), has been published to mark the 20th anniversary in 2012 of the ordination of women as priests in the Anglican Church in Australia. In it, key supporters of women's ordination and astute observers analyse and reflect on the controversy, its context and some of its consequences from their particular stand-points.

The eighteen contributors include lawyer Keith Mason, Bishops Keith Rayner and Peter Carnley, MOW president Janet Scarfe, campaigner Muriel Porter, priests Elizabeth Smith and Peta Sherlock, intercessor Janet Nelson, academic Heather Thomson, and historians Peter Sherlock, David Hilliard and Anne O'Brien.

The span is far wider than the dioceses where 'it' happened. Considerable attention is given to the Diocese of Sydney. It also reaches beyond Australian Anglicans: Jane Shaw provides the international context for the debate, Katharine Massam explores Catholic feminism, and Rachael Kohn Muslim women reformers.

This is the first time that this tumultuous period has been analysed in such a way. The contributors and their chapters are all fascinating and thought-provoking.

The book is dedicated to Patricia Brennan, foundation president of MOW.

Publication of Preachers Prophets & Heretics will be celebrated in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

In Melbourne, +Barbara Darling, Assistant Bishop of Melbourne, will launch Preachers Prophets & Heretics during an all day conference at Trinity College, University of Melbourne, on Saturday 22 September 2012. The conference is part of the celebrations of 20 years of women priests in the Diocese of Melbourne, and a number of the book's contributors will speak. For conference bookings, visit the online booking page, call 03 9348 7127 or email

In Adelaide, Archbishop Jeffrey Driver will launch the book as a formal part of synod on Sunday 21 October. A celebratory dinner will be held that evening in a local restaurant. All welcome. For further information, contact Dianne Bradley

In Sydney, the Honorable Elizabeth Evatt AC will launch PPH at an event to be hosted by St James' Church, King St, Sydney, on Saurday 17 November. Several Sydney-based contributors will also speak. More details will be available as soon as the program is finalised.

Details about ordering the book via the web with 20% off the normal price are at NewSouthBooks or download the order form here [pdf]

Updated 15 July 2012

ABC Radio interview marking 20th anniversary of women priests

Listen to an interview with Dr Janet Scarfe, Bishop Barbara Darling and Dr Elaine Lindsay on Sunday Nights with John Cleary on ABC Radio. The program was aired following the event at the St James Institute. Janet and Elaine have edited a book to be released in September by New South Publishing titled, Preachers, Prophets & Heretics: Anglican Women's Ministry.

Updated 16 June 2012

Theme and keynote speakers announced for this year's MOWatch Conference

The theme for this year's MOWatch Conference is "And your daughters shall prophesy... 20 years of women priests in Australia". It will be held on 20-23 November 2012 in Canberra with keynote speakers Dr Janet Scarfe, Dr Heather Thompson, Rev'd Dr Sarah Bachelard and The Rt Rev'd Kay Goldsworthy.

Abstracts relating to the theme are invited by 31 May 2012.

Details are available on the special Conferences page which will be regularly updated as more announcements are made.

Updated 27 May 2012

Calendar of Anniversary Year events updated

In 2012 we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of women priests in the Australian Anglican Church. More information and a calendar of special events are available online here, and is regularly updated as more events are organised. A celebratory service in Hobart on 21 December has been added now - visit this page for more details.

Updated 27 May 2012

MOWatch Quiet Day materials now available

In the Anniversary Year celebrating women ordained to the priesthood in Australia the focus for reflection will be three women in our English Church tradition who helped shape that tradition. The theme this year is "Learning, gentleness and the arts - Abbesses of Saxon England as models of ministry". The Quiet Day material was prepared by the Rev'd Lesley McLean.

Please note that the material is really meant for leaders who are organising groups to participate in the Quiet Day. It is recommended that participants do not study the material beforehand so the spontaneity is preserved.

Download the Quiet Day materials by clicking here [pdf].

We encourage you to register that you are participating in the Quiet Day by contacting Lesley McLean - click here to send an email.

In Sydney, MOWatch members and supporters will gather together in Concord on the day - Saturday 23 June. Details of the Sydney gathering are available here.

Updated 22 May 2012

Special edition MOWatch jewellery in MOWatch/suffragette colours

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of women priests in Australia, jewellery maker Alan Temme has designed a special range of jewellery using the MOWatch/ suffragette colours of green white and violet.

Alan Temme has been designing and making jewellery for the last seventeen years, using semi precious stones and sterling silver components. He works out of the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra, and is a member of the St Philips Anglican congregation in O'Connor ACT. The Reverend Jeannette McHugh asked him to design a range of jewellery using the MOWatch/ suffragette colours of green white and violet. For green he has chosen green aventurine, for white either mother of pearl or white howlite, and for violet amethyst. The range includes necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

Images of and information about the jewellery, including the artist statement, information about how to order, prices and shipping information are available here. They will also be available at the MOWatch national conference later in the year.

Updated 28 April 2012

For more news, see the archives.

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