MOW Records (updated)

Janet Scarfe

Several MOW branches and people involved in the ‘early days’ have put their papers in State Libraries for future researchers.

Papers of Caroline Pearce: State Library of SA (NEW Nov 2021)

Papers of Patricia Brennan: Mitchell Library (NSW)

Papers of Alison Gent: State Library of SA

Records of Janet Scarfe: State Library of SA

MOW SA: State Library of SA

MOW Brisbane: State Library Queensland

MOW Perth: State Library of Western Australia

The libraries provide finding aids and summary records to each collection. Go to the relevant library, search Movement for the Ordination of Women, and prepare to be amazed at the extent of the records and what we did!

There may well be other collections.

And to every one out there, before you or your kids throw out MOW material, talk to your State Library about depositing it. It helps if the records are at least semi-sorted, duplicates and indeterminate scraps of paper are removed and where possible photos are captioned with names, places and events.

Pour a glass of red wine, go through your ‘stuff’ and see what you can find. (The same goes for your family history as well.) It may get messy but it is really important for future generations and for us.

(The image is the program for the MOW march to our rally at Sydney Town Hall before the 1989 General Synod meeting.The Rev Alison Cheek preached to the crowd gathered on the steps. It is now in the Records of Janet Scarfe in the State Library of SA.)