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The Movement for the Ordination of Women in the Anglican Church of Australia

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Includes Sydney chapter  (Sydney MOW)


  • Encourages the church to make full use of the ministries of women
  • Promotes the expression of women’s perspectives in theology and celebrates diversity
  • Promotes theological learning and discussion
  • Honours the creativity and breadth of women’s ministry with stories, past and present
  • Liaises with appropriate national and international women’s groups
  • Values women’s history by recording events and gathering material
  • This website is also a repository of historical material


  • Occasional conferences with local and international speakers
  • Lectures, seminars, retreats and quiet days
  • Publishes conference proceedings
  • Produces merchandise
  • Has an email group
  • Find us on Facebook

Read the objects of MOW Australia, as stated in our constitution at Clause 1.4.

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Special one-off donations by supporters of women’s ministry, whether or not they are members of MOW, are always welcome. For further information, please contact the President, Elaine Lindsay,



Elaine Lindsay


Elaine Lindsay joined MOW back in the 1980s and has been active on the Sydney committee over the years. Her PhD was publ... Read More
Anne Edwards

Ann Edwards

Vice President

The Rev’d Dr Ann Edwards is the Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of The Gap in Queensland, and a certified practising sp... Read More
Colleen O'Reilly

Colleen O’Reilly AM

Vice President

The Venerable Dr Colleen O’Reilly AM – Vice-president Colleen O’Reilly is a priest in the Diocese of Melbourne ... Read More
Danni Clark

Danni Clark

General Representative

The Reverend Danni Clark The Rev’d Danni Clark was ordained in Brisbane but began her training in her native Englan... Read More
The Very Reverend Keren Terpstra

Keren Terpstra

General Representative

The Very Reverend Keren Terpstra is currently the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, Sale, in the Diocese of Gippsland. Befo... Read More
Rev'd Sandra Kjellgren

Sandra Kjellgren


I was born in Brisbane and raised in the Anglican faith in a tradition that would be best described as broad-church Angl... Read More

Kathleen Toal

I have been an Anglican all my life. I remember when I was baptised (I was 4, nearly 5) there was a light filtering down... Read More
Melissa Conway

Melissa Conway

General Representative

Melissa Conway is the assistant priest at St James’ Anglican Parish in Toowoomba, with special responsibility for St A... Read More

Tanja Hagedorn

General Representative

I grew up in the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Africa which provided me with a firm foundation for my fait... Read More

Ruth Champion

Sydney Convenor

I’ve been a member of MOW for twenty years. I worked on the Unfinished Business conference committee during 2021-22 an... Read More


Sydney MOW’s Convenor’s Report 2022


MOW Sydney’s Annual Meeting: Convenor’s Report Saturday 8th October 2022 held by Zoom My theme this year, my last ...

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MOW 2022 Unfinished Business ticket bg

2022 MOW, Unfinished Business – 30th Anniversary Conference

16, 17 & 18 September 2022 | Christ Church St Laurence Hall & Church Sydney

2022 MOW, Unfinished Business – 30th Anniversary Conference

16, 17 & 18 September 2022 | Christ Church St Laurence Hall & Church Sydney

MOW 30th Anniversary Conference Program Download The Conference Booklet [flipbook pdf="https://mowat...

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The Archbishop of Canterbury v...

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President: Elaine Lindsay
Vice-President(s): Ann Edwards
Collen O'Reilly AM
Secretary: Sandra Kjellgren
Treasurer: Kathleen Toal
General Representative(s): Danni Clark, Melissa Conway, Tanja Hagedorn, Karen Terpstra
Sydney MOW Convenor: Ruth Champion