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The Movement for the Ordination of Women in the Anglican Church of Australia

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Includes Sydney chapter  (Sydney MOW)


  • Encourages the church to make full use of the ministries of women
  • Promotes the expression of women’s perspectives in theology and celebrates diversity
  • Promotes theological learning and discussion
  • Honours the creativity and breadth of women’s ministry with stories, past and present
  • Liaises with appropriate national and international women’s groups
  • Values women’s history by recording events and gathering material
  • This website is also a repository of historical material


  • Occasional conferences with local and international speakers
  • Lectures, seminars, retreats and quiet days
  • Publishes conference proceedings
  • Produces merchandise
  • Has an email group

Read the objects of MOW Australia, as stated in our constitution at Clause 1.4.

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The MOW Logo

Ro Yule, an artist living in Victoria designed the logo for the celebration of the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood in Melbourne in 1992. To mark that historic occasion Ro’s design was reproduced on a Banner, scarves and mugs.

Ro’s conceptual idea was about how women’s spirituality and ministry (the golden sunburst shape) would grow and emerge from the cross … that women’s spirituality was something organic and would flourish if given half a chance. Within that lively golden shape were the round host and chalice marking the centrality of the Eucharist in Anglican Worship and the role of the priest in celebrating the rite. The cross shape also echoes the female symbol with a live leaf emerging from the cross.

The banner was a constant symbol of MOW for the next twenty years. It was used at a service at St Paul’s Cathedral on 9 December 2012 to mark the 20th anniversary of the first ordination of women to the priesthood in Australia. A copy of the design was taken from this banner and used for the 2012 MOWatch Conference in Kincumber NSW and from then on.

Please enjoy the vibrant colours and the vision they and the design impart.

Ro Yule


Lesley McLean


I have wobbled my way through an adventurous life of marriage, motherhood, church attendance. As I grew older I was read... Read More

Val Graydon

Vice President

I arrived in Australia from the UK for a two-year visitin 1965. In 1990 I was ordained to the Deaconate after being empl... Read More

Phillip Seale

GDM (AGSM) Convenor MOW Sydney

I have had a long interest in the equality of women in all areas of Australian society, however in particular, in the An... Read More

Margaret Lawther

Retired teacher: diocese of Sydney NSW

Margaret began her church experience in the Methodist church but after some consideration as to the teaching in the loca... Read More
Lu Piper

Lu Piper

Lucille (Lu) Piper  OAM                                                                       Priest, Diocese of Newcastle NSW

Lucille (Lu) Piper  OAM                                                ... Read More
Sue Bishop

Sue Bishop

I am a lifelong member of the Anglican Church, baptised at St Jude’s, Brighton in South Australia and confirmed at St ... Read More

Kathleen Toal

I have been an Anglican all my life. I remember when I was baptised (I was 4, nearly 5) there was a light filtering down... Read More
Jenny Stirling

Jenny Stirling

Townsville is my home town. I came to the Anglican Church as an adult. In St Peters Collinsville, at a time when that wa... Read More

Lyn Boyd

I was baptised and confirmed in the Church of Ireland. Since arriving in Australia as a teenager, I have been involved i... Read More

Elaine Lindsay

Elaine Lindsay thinks she joined MOW back in the early 1980s and has been active on the Sydney committee over the years.... Read More


Lu Piper

Sydney MOW AGM 2015 President’s Report


This twelve months since my 2014 Report has flown by. Have we made any headway towards our goal of ordination to the th...

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AGM 2020

3 October 2020 |

AGM 2020

3 October 2020 |

  PRESIDENT’S REPORT TO AGM 3 OCTOBER 2020   I’m not being positive or anything, but I believe in...

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When I was conceived You knew me

MOW 1987 song When I was conceived you knew me Click on the link above. Page 2 appears first. The song, with Lyric...

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President: Lesley McLean
Vice-President(s): Val Graydon, Margaret Lawther
Secretary: Elaine Lindsay
Treasurer: Kathleen Toal
General Representative(s): Sue Bishop, Lyn Boyd, Lu Piper and Jenny Stirling
Sydney MOW Convenor: Phillip Seale