bringing change and understanding

bringing change and understanding

MOW’s commitment has always been to the participation of women in all ministries in the Anglican Church and to challenging the Church when and where it excludes women from them. Historically it has focused on women in the diaconate, priesthood and episcopate and these are now a reality in the Anglican Church in Australia. Sydney and a few smaller dioceses are the sad exceptions.

MOW encourages women to hear and respond to God’s call to ministry, whether it be lay or ordained. Lay ministries have been incredibly important to most women clergy in their journeys to ordination.

However MOW completely rejects any argument that God confines women to certain ministries, with children or women for example, or to roles as assistants under the direction of men.

We welcome articles, stories and reflections about women in ministry, lay and ordained, past and present particularly in the Anglican Church in Australia. Reports and research around women in ministry are also welcome.

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Women in Ministry

The Rev Alison Cheek

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Julia Farr and the Melanesian Mission

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Jan Malpas

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Kay Goldsworthy Archbishop of Perth

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‘Behold I Make All Things New’

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Joyce Poulson

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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Australia’s First Women Deacons

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The Reverend Canon Mara Di Francesco

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Venerable Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor

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Rev Alison Cheek

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Rev Tracey Gracey

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