bringing change and understanding

bringing change and understanding

Sydney Movement for the Ordination of Women

The Sydney diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia is one of the few places in the worldwide Anglican communion where women still cannot be ordained – or recognised – as Priests or Bishops. Where once MOW Australia had active local chapters around the country, members now meet informally. In Sydney, however, we remain active, organising public forums, keeping members abreast of matters affecting women’s ministry and leadership in the wider Anglican church, and encouraging debate on the issue at Sydney Synod.

2023 marks forty years since was MOW Sydney was founded. We would love to talk to you if you have questions, or wish to stand with us in our ministry of witness. We also welcome courteous and sincere dialogue with those who may disagree with us.

If you join MOW Australia, you also become a member of Sydney MOW.

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List of Sydney MOW Committee Members:

MOW Australia membership form

On 21st February, 2015 the Rev. Dr Keith Mascord gave very well attended public lecture in support of the Sydney Movement for the Ordination of Women. This was significant because Dr Mascord is a former lecturer from Moore College, the theological training centre for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney which, unlike many other parts of the world wide Anglican Community, has continued to strongly oppose the real equality of women within the church. His conversion has been most encouraging to all those men and women in Australian Anglicanism who believe that women can and should be able to be leaders within the church as both priests and bishops. In his address (read the PDF below), titled “Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling: A Risky but Rewarding Renovation!”, the Rev. Dr Keith deals perceptively with the obvious theological and intellectual reasons in favour of women’s ordination and natural emotional reasons that some people find it difficult to change their minds.

Elaine A. Peterson

read “Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling: A Risky but Rewarding Renovation!”


President: Elaine Lindsay
Vice-President(s): Ann Edwards
Collen O'Reilly AM
Secretary: Sandra Kjellgren
Treasurer: Kathleen Toal
General Representative(s): Danni Clark, Melissa Conway, Tanja Hagedorn, Karen Terpstra
Sydney MOW Convenor: Ruth Champion