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This diary recognises ordained Anglican women in the Diocese of Perth who seek prayerful support for their ministry. It includes women and men who have acted as prophets for ordained women; that is, people who supported the cause of ordination through their inspired teaching and leadership within the Diocese.

In compiling the list, advertisements were placed in the Diocese’s E Bulletin asking people to nominate prophets and seeking consent from the ordained women.

The diary is self-explanatory in that on the first day of the month we ask that you include the names of the people listed for that day, and then during the ensuing month proceed through to day 30.  All names are listed in alphabetical order (except for the Bishops).

An “*” after the name denotes people who were nominated by others as prophets. When reading through the list you will find that many women who have asked for prayer in their role were also nominated by others as prophets.


Day 1

Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy*, Bishop Kate Wilmot*

Day 2

Karen V. Arnold, Julie Baker*

Day 3

Kathy Barrett-Lennard*, Julie Barrett-Lennard

Day 4

Gemma Baseley*, Margaret Beach

Day 5

Sue Boorer*, Jan Boyle

Day 6

Bec Bydder*, Christy Capper*

Day 7

Pat Deeny*, Liz Flanigan

Day 8

Anita George*, Ione George*

Day 9

Wendy Gilbert*, Jill Gleeson

Day 10

Jeni Goring*, Lorna Green*

Day 11

Rose Guok, Ruth Harrison

Day 12

Theresa Harvey*, Lyn Harwood*

Day 13

Jane Hawkins, Georgie Hawley*

Day 14

Caro Hemmings*, Mandy Herriman*

Day 15

Katrina Holgate, Peta Kirby

Day 16

Prue Littleton*, Rowena Mc Micking

Day 17

Norma Metcalf*, Tess Milne*

Day 18

Kaye Mould, Sebastiana Pienaar

Day 19

Joyce Polson*, Joice Rianga*

Day 20

Gill Rookyard*, Jean Routley*

Day 21

Elizabeth J. Smith, Lisa Spargo

Day 22

Debora Spencer, Sarah Stapleton*

Day 23

Josie Steytler*, Christine Symes*

Day 24

Robin Tapper, Pamela Turner*

Day 25

Judy Van Rossum*, Eileen Warby*

Day 26

Angela Webb*, Raewyn Whitely

Day 27

Lay prophets: Pamela Boekeman, Ann Carnley, Christine Cloverdale, Barbara Godwin, Carolyn Tan

Day 28

Lay prophets: Karen Box, Barbara Dinnie, Judith Cottier, Pamela and Geoffrey Leiper

Day 29

Ordained male prophets: Archbishop Peter Carnley, Bishop David Murray, Dennis Claughton, Bill Hawley

Day 30

For the continued work of MOW Australia Ltd




Prayer for ourselves.

Author Elizabeth J. Smith AM


Holy Spirit, help me!

You know what I have been through, my body with its scars, my mind with its memories, my heart has been broken.

Give me courage to speak up at the right time, give me wisdom to keep quiet at the right time, give me friends to help me all the time.

Holy Spirit, please help me to understand the past to see a different future, to build a strong family, to be a woman of grace.

Holy Spirit, come and live inside for forever, and let the light shine in, let the healing happen, let the goodness grow. Amen.


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Prayer Diary for the Diocese of Perth