Day 1
Lettie Allen, Margaret Annells, Jo Armour
Day 2
Sheridan Brand, Sandra Bryson
Day 3
Paula Bullock, Sue Burgess, Ruth Buxton
Day 4
Coria Chan, Rachel Chapman, Mary Cranston
Day 5
Joan Claring-Bould, Dawn Colsey, Wendy Cooper
Day 6
Carol Cornwall, Sorel Coward, Julia Denny-Dimitriou
Day 7
Gethzi Devasagayam, Mara Di Francesco, Alison Dutton
Day 8
Denise Ferguson, Margaret Fiegert, Anne Ford, Helen Gibson-White
Day 9
Marian Giles, Tracey Gracey, Gail Hardy
Day 10
Jane Harris, Joan Hart, Bonnie-Fay Henry-Edwards
Day 11
Margaret Holt, Jean Housley, Deborah Jeanes
Day 12
Gael Johannsen, Susan Johnson, Juliana S.I.
Day 13
Jocelyn Kellam, Heather Kirwan, Louise Lang
Day 14
Jane Lee, Mary Lewis, Andrea McDougall
Day 15
Lesley McLean, Lyn McRostie, Elizabeth McWhae
Day 16
Barbara Messner, Sonja Nugent
Day 17
Prue O’Donovan, Sonya Paterson, Barbara Paull-Hunt
Day 18
Donna Petersen, Janet Phillips, Deirdre Ragless
Day 19
Hilary Reddrop, Joan Reed, Sophie Relf-Christopher
Day 20
Joan Riley, Yvonne Riley, Margaret Rowell, Sally Sandford Morgan
Day 21
Dianne Schaefer, Sandra Sears, Christine Smith
Day 22
Jo Smith, Susan Straub, Stephanie Swansson
Day 23
Karla Tanti, Lynda Teague, Jane Telfer
Day 24
Hellena Thom, Jenni Thompson, Cathy Thomson
Day 25
Heather Turner, Flo Walters, Sarah Wiles
Day 26
Ruth Wilkinson, Jennifer Wilson, Julie Worrall
Day 27
Ali Wurm, Michele Yuen
Day 28
SA ordained, now departed: Linda Brooker, Caroline Pearce, Heather Sizer, Sal Tatchell
Day 29
SA ordained, living elsewhere: Ruth Mathieson, Helen McAlley, Wendy Morecroft, Susanna Pain, Janelle Shephard, Philippa Wetherell
Day 30
SA born, ordained elsewhere: Alison Cheek +, Lucy Cheetham, Elisa Helen CSC, Helen Ludbrook
Day 31
Prophets and pioneers: Dianne Bradley, Mandy Coote, Alison Gent +, Alder Hall +, Sue Henry-Edwards, Irene Jeffreys +, Jan Malpas

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Updated March 2023